About Luciano

About Luciano

Established in 2010 near Brescia, Northern Italy, Luciano has evolved to be a global leader in Premium Lighting Solution providers that implement Futuristic technology. Luciano Lighting’s design and development team in Italy constantly seeks ways to improve its products in line with the latest technological advancements in the industry. We have revolutionized the world of interior designing with exemplary creativity and Premium lighting design solutions with a keen focus on Quality Assurance. 

With our state-of-the-art designs that utilize next-generation LED technology efficiently, lighting solutions for sectors like commercial, retail, hospitality, education, infrastructure, etc, we have cemented our place among the most luxurious, sustainable, and innovative lighting solution providers in the world. 

The brilliantly elegant and aesthetically pleasing Italian Designs have taken the world by storm and transformed the perception of the lighting market to accept new and improved lighting solutions like never before. We provide Ambient lighting, presenting a contemporary style that compliments the space and environment beautifully. Our high-precision exterior wall fitting lights provide a world-class standard to the ambiance of the garden and front lawns.

Luciano Lighting has become a common household name in lighting with plenty of manufacturing facilities in different countries across continents. With a rising demand for our LED technology-related products, we have expanded our sales and support throughout Europe, Africa, Middle East, and India. Our goal is to enhance the quality of indoor and outdoor illumination while ensuring sustainability with energy-efficient solutions that improve the standard of lighting for one and all.


Our vision

We aspire to be the lighting brand of choice of End users in the process of shaping remarkable visual elements and surroundings.

Our mission

To inspire the world to visually enhance man-made and natural environments through the use of our lighting solutions.

Our Facility